April 27, 2022

Top Free Human Resource Webinars in May 2022

Upcoming HR Webinars in May 2022

  1. Mindset Reset Bootcamp takes place on ⏰  May 17 at 8:30AM PST/11:30AM EST (Register herewith Debbie Pearmain. This free, interactive virtual coaching webinar will leave HR leaders with a concrete action plan to revamp your mindset and achieve your goals! Debbie will guide you though strategies designed to help improve your resiliency, take action, and make those new habits stick.
  2. HR Culture Month 2022 takes place ⏰ throughout the month of May and features live events, recordings, and toolkits starting with the topic of self-care as an HR professional and building into learning culture, framing wins, and managing teams across cultures.
  3. HRcoreNORDIC - Scandanavian HR Practices defining the Future World of Work . Join the 5th annual seminar which takes place ⏰ May 18 and 19. The free online seminar includes 30+ expert speakers from 80+ countries, with 20+ Case Studies from Scandinavian Organisations, Networking, and 6 Panel Discussions on the most pressing HR topics (Register here).
  4. Building Impactful ERGs - takes place on ⏰ May 18 at 4:30 pm EST (Register here) with Global Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Expert for a workshop that will break down how to foster meaningful change through ERGs.
  5. Celebrate the Pivot: A Powerful Way to Develop a Learning Culture at Work - takes place on ⏰ May 24 at 10am EST (Register here). A one-hour workshop to help reframe your moments of change. When you celebrate a pivot, these moments become generative points of possibility, opportunities to evolve your approach and learn along the way.
  6. Remote Recruiting: 7 Ways to Rethink your Strategy - a free HR webinar about remote-first recruiting strategy takes by Pingboard place on ⏰ May 25, 2022 at 1:00 PM EST (Register here).
  7. The OKRX Summit 2022 takes place on ⏰ May 26, 2022, at 6:00 - 11:15AM EST (Register here) and is hosted by Talentmelon. This is the second year of their summit, which presents exciting mix of topics involving OKR experiences and stories from local and international OKR consultants and companies which have implemented OKR (Objectives and Key Results).

On-Demand HR Webinars

  1. Be a Great Place to Work: Strategies to Strengthen Employee Retention with HiBob's Talent Acquisition Manager, Marc Douch & Tempo's Chief People Officer, Laura Skinner. You'll learn:
    1. What’s driving employee expectations and how to manage them
    2. How to create an effective retention strategy and tactics to improve it
    3. Common employee retention challenges faced and how to overcome them
    4. Top tips to help retain quality talent for business longevity

Upcoming Free HR Courses

Free People Analytics Course - take one work day to advance your People Analytics - from current and former CHROs and people ops execs from companies like instacast, WesternUnion, and American Express. The free course takes place every ⏰ Wednesday until the end of June 2022 (Register here).

Expired HR Webinars

  1. Hiring Strategies for Founders & Startups takes place on ⏰ Friday, May 6, 2022 at 2:30PM EST (Expired). Connect with other Founders & Startup Leaders over lunchtime to share hiring struggles and talk about building strategies for dream teams who stay and help us scale.
  2. Getting Serious: Apprenticeship Equity Solutions for Employers and Sponsors takes place on ⏰ May 4-5 at 1PM EST (Expired). JFF’s National Innovation Hub for Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Accessibility in Registered Apprenticeship in this first-of-its-kind, two-day virtual summit to hear from employers across the country on how they’re using the earn-and-learn model of apprenticeship to build skilled, diverse workforces.
  3. Improve Your Hiring with Idealist. Looking to streamline your hiring process for today’s highly competitive job market? ⏰ May 5 at 3PM EST (Expired). Review best practices and tools your organization can implement to create inclusive job descriptions. Learn equitable interviewing practices and effective onboarding that promote your organization’s culture. Get answers from Idealist staff on all of your account, posting, and Idealist product questions!
  4. Boost Your Business Growth through Brand Building by Google takes place on ⏰  May 5 at 9 AM PDT/12 PM EST (Expired). Learn what makes a strong brand, why it's important for your business, and how to create a style guide and brand kit to build better brand consistency and attract more customers.
  5. HR tech for scale-ups: discover how to choose the right tech for your culture & people experience on ⏰  May 5 at 9AM EST (Expired).

Stay tuned for more HR webinars as we add them weekly.


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