Workforce Development

Workforce development is an important aspect of human resource management. It refers to the process of identifying and developing the skills and abilities of employees to meet the future needs of the organization. Workforce development programs can include training, education, and career development initiatives. Organizations invest in workforce development to improve employee productivity and to build a pipeline of talent for future needs. Workforce development programs can help employees to acquire new skills, improve their performance, and prepare for future roles in the organization. By investing in workforce development, organizations can improve their overall competitiveness and build a stronger workforce.

April 20, 2023
The Top 11 HR Trends to Watch

As we move into a new year, HR leaders must be prepared for the challenges and opportunities that await. Here are the top 11 HR trends to watch.

November 11, 2022
Good Jobs Matter: A New Paradigm for Measuring Job Quality

It's time for a new paradigm in the way we measure job quality in the US. Good jobs that pay well are important for families and our society. The Job Quality Measurement Initiative is a first-of-its-kind effort

April 12, 2022
Career Education: Disrupting the K-16 Model for Equitable Access to Future Jobs

Current education systems need to be rethought as times have been changing in order to provide students entering the workforce an education that achieves career success and equal access to future jobs.

February 3, 2022
DEI initiatives and programs, and how to generate collective action

Discover DE&I program best practices and how to generate collective action in this short article.