HR Webinars

Learn about the world of HR through remote-first, digital human resources webinars and training. Employees are what make up an organization. They are the ones who work for the employer, who produce the company’s products or services, and who keep the business running. That’s why human resources management, or HR, is so important. Especially in the digital age, with remote-first being mandatory in many sectors nowadays.

HR professionals are tasked with recruiting employees, managing the employees’ benefits, administering the HRIS and HRMS and other HR technologies to conduct performance reviews, and conducting other responsibilities across the entire employee life cycle. From managing payroll to supplying company-sponsored training to new hires, HR professionals carry out a lot of important tasks. As such, HR professionals need to stay on the cutting edge of the business world. They need to be aware of the latest developments in employment law, accounting, and technology.

We’ve put together the Human Resources Webinars to provide you with resources to leading industry-recognized training specifically for HR professionals.