Top 25 HR Webinars for Remote-First People Leaders

People Leader takes notes while attending a remote HR webinar for remote-first management

The pandemic has forced organizations of all sizes to rapidly adapt their workplace policies and procedures to accommodate a remote-first workforce. For many people leaders, this has meant a crash course in HR best practices for managing a remote team. If you're looking for ways to continue developing your HR skillset, we've compiled a list of our top HR webinars for remote-first people leaders. From managing the performance of remote employees to developing an inclusive remote culture, these webinars will help you build the skills you need to thrive in a remote-first world.

These top HR webinars will help remote-first people leaders like yourself develop the skills you need.

  1. Rewrite the Future of Work with Adam Grant - It’s time to rethink your fundamental assumptions about work with organizational psychologist and bestselling author Adam Grant, hosted by Grammarly.
  2. Transforming How We Work - New rituals, tech, and practices to create a more human workplace in a hybrid world with Arianna Huffington, Founder & CEO of Thrive, Joe Thomas, Co-Founder & CEO of Loom, and Roberto Ortiz, Co-Founder & CEO of Welcome.
  3. Be a Great Place to Work: Strategies to Strengthen Employee Retention with HiBob's Talent Acquisition Manager, Marc Douch & Tempo's Chief People Officer, Laura Skinner.
  4. 4 Practical Employee Retention Strategies: unpack best practices from the Director of HR at BambooHR for practical advice on combating the trends behind the Great Resignation.
  5. Addressing Quiet Quitting, Out Loud - Join people science experts to explore the psychology of “quiet quitting,” and get exclusive insights on the transformation happening in the workplace. 
  6. How to Build and Leverage Your Employer Brand: get up to speed on the few things you can do to improve your employer brand in this short, free HR webinar. A good employer brand is conducive to recruiting top talent.
  7. Trends Shaping Employee Experience by Qualtrics' Experience Management Scientists: unpack practical guidance from top HR teams to help drive your people strategy in 2022 and beyond.
  8. Spotting Potential: How to Make Brilliant Junior Hires – Want to strengthen your hiring strategy? Learn how Tempo and EngageTech cut through the skills gap and became growth experts!
  9. Turn the Great Disconnect into the Great Reconnect by Grammarly. The Great Disconnect is costing companies $12.5k per employee each year. Uncover the communication gaps between knowledge workers and leaders that tie directly to burnout and your team's success.
  10. Work Transformation Summit by Zoom: discover how to deliver impactful experiences...because every interaction with your brand counts.
  11. Inclusive Onboarding: Cultivating a Sense of Belonging - A successful and inclusive onboarding experience enables high performance, psychological safety, and belonging. Discover what it means for a successful DE&I strategy to cultivate a sense of belonging during the onboarding process in this free webinar for HR leaders.
  12. HR Growth Paths: How to Develop as a Professional in HR - the next steps a human resources professional may take to advance their career may be difficult. Watch this free HR webinar to better support employees in achieving professional goals and advancing your career in HR and people operations.
  13. Career Education: Disrupting the K-16 Model for Equitable Access to Future Jobs - Current education systems are broken. Students need an education that achieves career success and equal access to future jobs as they enter the workforce. Tune into the critical idea that public education needs revamping to prepare students better. Watch this recording from a conference about the Future of Work.
  14. Mindset Reset Bootcamp - Discover the results of a study showing that 98% of HR professionals have felt burned out at work in the first six months of 2022.
  15. Remote Recruiting: 7 Ways to Rethink your Strategy - remote-first recruiting strategy by Pingboard
  16. People Analytics and DEI Workshop - take 44 minutes to find out the best ways to collect DEI data, analyze it, and make it transparent by communicating insights gleaned from DEI data to support your DEI goals.
  17. How to be a smart purchaser of HR tech - watch this short webinar to learn how you may improve your HR tech strategy and procurement.
  18. How Thriving Organizations Build a Culture of Mobility - watch this HR webinar for online training about enabling employees to grow within your organization to build engagement and loyalty.
  19. Advice from Twitter’s talent team on diversity recruiting - looking to build a more diverse company? Twitter's talent team has some advice on how to recruit diverse talent. There are concrete steps you can take to make a difference.
  20. Understanding the ROI of investing in people - People are a company's most important asset. It's hard to quantify that or understand the ROI of it, but it's essential for long-term success. This webinar will help you understand the Employee Lifetime Value while demonstrating the ROI of being great at People practices.
  21. Behavioral Interview Strategies for Returning Workers - As an HR professional, you should be familiar with behavioral job interview strategies. One such strategy is behavioral interviewing. If you are mentoring or coaching someone, it is important to get their stories so they can learn from your experiences.
  22. 4 Ways to Get Employees to Engage & Participate in Your HR Programs in 2022: a 20min webinar to rethink your employee engagement strategy in a hybrid and remote work age. The panelists will discuss how to design engaging programs that reach and resonate with your employees, no matter where they're working.
  23. Reshaping the workplace and the world: Tune in to a conversation with DE&I experts reshaping the modern workplace in this free DEI webinar by workhuman.
  24. Agile Amplified for Hybrid Teams: Are you struggling to find the right collaboration tools for your hybrid or remote-first team? Join Miro and Atlassian as they will be discussing how to solve specific collaboration challenges with Agile practices.
  25. Performance in Focus: Laying the Foundations for Your People to Perform at their Best: Join Learnibly and discover how upskilling your employees and providing them with the latest career development opportunities can improve performance within your organization.

One of the best ways to stay up-to-date on the latest trends and best practices in remote work is to participate in these free HR webinars. These virtual events offer a great way to learn from experts and network with other professionals.

For even more, see the plethora of HR webinars on LinkedIn + BrightTalk. If you want paid HR webinars, explore SHRM webcasts here; learn more about HR certifications.

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