Behavioral Interview Strategies for Returning Workers

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Behavioral interviews are a type of interview in which employers ask you to describe how you handled a past job situation. This type of interview aims to concisely convey your impact, allowing employers to evaluate your skills and experience. Here are some tips for preparing for a behavioral interview, telling your compelling story, and using this type of interview to your advantage.

Here are some tips for preparing for a behavioral interview:

  • First, consider your past experiences and identify a few key stories showcasing your skills and abilities.
  • Next, practice telling these stories aloud so you can articulate them clearly and concisely.
  • Finally, be prepared to answer follow-up questions about your experiences and how you handled each situation.

By being prepared and telling your stories clearly and concisely, you will be able to give the interviewer a good sense of your skills and abilities.

When you go into an interview, you must be prepared.

This means knowing what you want to say and clearly understanding your skills and abilities. One way to do this is to have a few stories ready that illustrate your skills. These stories should be clear and concise so that the interviewer gets a good sense of what you can do.

Use the STAR (situation, task, action, result) method to prepare

Remember that the interviewer is trying to get to know you as a person. Communicating effectively during an interview is key to impressing the interviewer and landing the job. One way to prepare for an interview is to use the STAR method. This method helps you to organize your thoughts and communicate your stories clearly and concisely.

  • The Situation pillar helps you to set the scene and provide context for your story.
  • The Task pillar helps you to identify the specific challenge you faced.
  • The Action pillar helps you to describe the steps you took to address the challenge.
  • And finally, the Result pillar helps you describe your actions' outcome. Using the STAR method is a great way to ensure that you are prepared for your interview.

Watch this short video to get a better idea on how to prepare for your behavioral interview using the STAR method.

STAR Interview Method Explained (9 min Video)

Setting Yourself Up: Communicating Using S.T.A.R Method (1 hr 51 min Webinar)

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