People Analytics and DEI: How to Answer your Key Business Questions (Workshop)

Free People Analytics DEI Data Workshop with ADP

Attend this free people analytics webinar and DEI data workshop for insightful and actionable people analytics are critical as organizations continue to advance diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I) internally and externally.

Take 44 minutes to find out the best ways to collect DEI data, analyze it, and make it transpartent by communicating insights gleaned from DEI data to support your DEI goals.


This webinar will show you that it’s easy to use a DEI Dashboard to answer common questions about diversity in your workforce, how to turn the data into meaningful actions and create value within your organization. Observe key insights in areas where diversity is good and where there may be opportunity for improvement, with simple turnkey analytics for workforce composition, hiring, turnover, and more.

Learn more about leveraging People Analytics by attending this webinar with a focus on advancing diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I) in your organization. It all begins with understanding the current state of your workforce demographics. Accurate, healthy data provides the foundation for making action plans and tracking progress.The presenters from ADP will show you how their DEI Data Dashboard solution can help you easily view the composition of your organization and your leadership with a preconfigured, guided analytics experience.

Get the answers to DEI data questions like:

  • How diverse is my workforce and my organization’s leadership?
  • Are there areas of my organization that are not as diverse as others?
  • Are there particular reasons for termination that are impacting DE&I the most?

Presented by:

  • Jace Harker, Director of Product, ADP DataCloud
  • Dr. Susan Hanold, VP Strategic Advisory Services


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