March 3, 2022

DEI Data Workshop: Identifying Metrics That Matter

Employee Cycle DEI Webinar and Data Workshop

The Employee Cycle team in a webinar, DEI Workshop: Identifying Metrics That Matter originally aired Thursday, March 3rd at 12pm EST featuring a robust conversation with over a hundred data-driven HR leaders.

Speakers include Employee Cycle CEO Bruce Marable, and your hosts, Employee Cycle’s Chief of Staff Daphne McLarty, and DEI and People Analytics Consultant Miranda McKie, you’re sure to know the ins and outs of a great Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) framework that can push your organization to even greater heights.This webinar is a deep dive into identifying vital metrics, while further strengthening this understanding by learning how these metrics are utilized in the data-driven process of analysis and decision-making– with company initiatives at the backbone.

DEI is the future of organizational frameworks– it calls for a sense of belonging among employees, fostering satisfaction, engagement, and productivity, which all ultimately lead to increased revenue.

Due to the continued practice of the DEI mindset, our expectations on DEI have varied and evolved from industry to industry, and as HR leaders, we have to not only evolve with the times but also evolve the practice itself, creating programs and standards that are better suited for organizations with present-day demands.

So how do we know what makes our companies more diverse and inclusive in this day and age? And upon getting this data, how do we act on it? How do we implement– and soon, improve– our diversity programs, and manage the diversity programs we already have? Will every DEI framework suit my company– if not, what changes do I have to make specific to my organization’s industry? Expired.

For more information on DE&I in your organization, you can also explore the DEI framework, as well as explore how to handle affinity bias, as well as creating sustainable DEI programs, and how to create diversity programs that work.

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