Running Agile Events in a Hybrid First World

Agile teams with Miro online whiteboard showing women putting up stiky notes in a conference room with employee/team

This takes place on ⏰  September 27th Europe Session - October 12th Americas Session

When Agile teams can’t meet in person, they meet in an online whiteboard tool like Miro. Miro is a good tool for Agile teams to replicate face-to-face collaboration, put ideas into action, and visualize projects and dependencies all in one platform.


Join their experts in a free 60-minute session as they walks through how to enhance (or implement) Agile for your teams.

In this live product training, you'll learn how to:

  • Set a strong foundation for getting work done and make adjustments on the fly to stay aligned and on track. 
  • Plan for asynchronous success and make the most of precious face time.
  • Drive change at your organization by turning feedback into tangible action items and next steps.


  • Jennifer Clark, Customer Education Manager
  • Jovonee King, Customer Education Facilitator
  • Jason G'Sell, Customer Education Sr. Facilitator


They offer real-time captions through Zoom for our live training events. Anyone who registers will also receive an email about 24 hours after the event with a captioned recording and our presentation board.

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