How recruiting technology is changing the way we hire

Recruiting Technology webinar

Recruitment technologies can streamline sourcing and hiring processes, creating a competitive advantage when sourcing top tech talent.

It seems like a no-brainer to use them. However, many companies aren’t sure how to choose the right tools for them or they don’t know how to get the best use out of the tools they already have.

So, what can People teams do to access the right HR tools for them and integrate them seamlessly into existing processes and systems?

What you'll learn from this recruiting webinar

A panel of HR tech experts from Ashby and Zinc explored:

  • 🚀 The kinds of HR tooling available and how they work
  • 🚀 Common misconceptions around HR tools
  • 🚀 How to get the most use out of HR tools to optimise your new and existing processes.

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