Agile Amplified for Hybrid Teams

Agile teams with Miro online whiteboard showing women putting up stiky notes in a conference room with employee/team

Product leaders want to deliver quality innovation at lightning speed while engaging their teams in hybrid Agile rituals. While Agile practices have grown and have had a measurable impact on organizational resilience and efficiency, the overnight shift to remote and now the rise of hybrid work models has fundamentally changed these practices, which can lead to silos, misalignment, and slower time to market. Giving product teams the space to co-create, contribute, and commit while moving seamlessly from ideation to execution will ultimately deliver a better customer experience faster.

Join product leaders from Miro and Atlassian while diving into specific collaboration challenges across Agile practices and how to solve them.

What You'll Learn

  • Unearth solutions to meet the biggest challenges faced by your product team members
  • Identify gaps in hybrid Agile rituals that go unnoticed by leaders
  • Understand the value in making space for freeform co-creation during Agile practices
  • Amp up commits that translate into actions and tangible outcomes

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