Is Your Employer Branding Attracting the Best Remote Talent?

Employer Branding

What is employer branding, and why is it so important? 🤔

Employer branding is when a company creates an image that makes it attractive to potential employees. This is important because it can help a company attract and retain the best talent. And as the world of work evolves, Employee expectations are shifting, and so too should your employer brand.

So do you know how to build a brand that attracts and retains today’s best talent?

Discover how — see this on-demand webinar here.

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Featuring an expert panel, including their Senior Talent Partner Aylin Araba and Rec Hub Director of Growth Ben Leeson, they’ll take a closer look at how remote working influences employer branding. Tune in to learn how you how to build an employer brand that supports diverse, global teams 🌍

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