HR Growth Paths: How to Develop as a Professional in HR

HR growth paths

The next steps a human resources professional may take to advance their career may be difficult. And as many other of your fellow HR professionals know, working to enable and support employees achieve professional goals, they often face uncertainties with their own career and professional development. Many ask: what is the best move forward?  And what steps should I take to reach my goals?  

This webinar, led by Asad Husain, offers some clarity for HR professionals who are looking for ways to grow professionally.  Listeners will learn about the importance of focusing on their own goals, techniques to establish professional credibility, and more.

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About the speakers

Asad Husain is a Global HR Executive with over 31 years of experience. His experience in the field is extensive, specializing in cultural and business transformations, strategic leadership in HR, talent engagement strategies, and change of management initiatives. 

In his last role, Asad served as the Executive Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer (CHRO) of C&S Wholesale Grocers, a $26 billion-dollar company with 17,000 employees across the USA. He has represented organizations on JV Boards in China, Japan, UAE, and India, and has a strong and diversified HR leadership background on the market’s regional, international, and global levels.

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