Mentor and Mentees Myths, Truths, and What To Do [Panel]

Lattitude Mentorship Panel

Are you curious about the realities of mentorship? Look no further than this on-demand mentoring panel featuring experienced mentors who shared their insights and dispelled common misconceptions.

In this webinar hosted by Employee Connection & Mentorship Software Lattitude, you'll discover truths, myths, and what you can do as an individual or organization to improve. Learn how mentorship can benefit both the mentor and mentee, and explore how companies can embrace mentorship programs for all levels of employees.

Panelists shared their personal experiences and how mentorship helped shape their careers, increase their confidence, and navigate challenges. Join us to learn about the importance of trust and respect in mentor-mentee relationships, and gain valuable advice on how to build an effective mentorship program and find the right mentor.

Watch the recording:


  • The Importance of trust when building a mentor relationship
  • How companies need to be intentional in using technology and developing a process for a mentoring program
  • The lasting impact the right mentor can have
  • Why reverse mentorship is crucial in today’s work environment


  • Pete Schramm, Lattitude Founder and CEO
  • Keisha Benson Woods, ReverseIT Ph.D./JD
  • Matt Diabes, Lattitude Chief Scientist and Innovation Officer
  • Dawn Lazar-Fredella, Broadridge Financial Director of Talent, MS, SPHR
  • Dr. Nikki Blacksmith, Blackhawke Co-Founder and CEO
  • Dalian Washington Option D CEO and Business Development
  • Matt McHale, Lattitude CRO
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