Top 25+ HR Conferences in Jun to Dec 2024

Top HR Conferences: Virtual and In-Person in the US, EU, & More

Attending conferences is a valuable opportunity to learn, connect, and stay current on the latest human resources trends and best practices. Here is a list of top HR conferences worldwide. Please share it with friends and colleagues in your network.

HR Conferences in June 2024

HR Conferences in Q3 2024 (July - September)

July HR Conferences

August HR Conferences

September HR Conferences

HR Conferences in Q4 2024 (October - December)

October HR Conferences

November HR Conferences

December HR Conferences

Here's why you may want to attend an HR conference in 2024:

HR conferences offer a great opportunity for professionals like you to learn, connect, and stay updated on the latest trends and best practices. There are over 25 top HR conferences remaining in the year, depending on your location and areas of interest. Attending these conferences can help you expand your knowledge and network — while keeping you at the forefront of your profession.

Our HR conference list was last updated on June 11, 2024, and will continue to be updated with the latest conferences for HR leaders.

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