Addressing Quiet Quitting, Out Loud

Quiet Quitting

Quiet quitting is becoming more common after going viral on social media, but this is not a new phenomenon. For many workers, it is a response to a reminder of our mortality—an inevitable loss of faith in hustle culture and the corporate advancement ladder. Employees who feel undervalued for their contributions will establish boundaries and shift their focus toward other sources of validation and satisfaction. While this is understandable, organizations are facing growing concerns about the loss of productivity, turnover challenges, and business impact of employees withdrawing effort from their work. 

How might we overcome the widespread disillusionment in their workforce and reignite motivation? 

Join Culture Amp experts to explore the psychology of “quiet quitting,” and share exclusive insights on the transformation happening in the workplace.

What you’ll learn in this HR Webinar

  • How to understand employee behaviors from an industrial/organizational psychology lens & apply best practices
  • Why career development conversations and growth opportunities are crucial to sustaining employee motivation
  • What it means to build trust with employees and avoid making broken promises

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HR Webinar Event Speakers

Kenneth Matos

Director of People Scientist, Culture Amp (Learn more)

Roza Jankovic

Lead People Scientist, Culture Amp (Learn More)

This webinar took place on September 7, 2022, we hope you enjoy the recording from Culture AMP!

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