Performance in Focus: Laying the Foundations for Your People to Perform at their Best

Performance Management - Focus on upskilling HR webinar

Business growth is never easy but it’s made easier when your people perform at their best.

And your people can only perform well if they have clarity on what they need to do to deliver results and drive impact. As a People person, it’s your job to give them that clarity—the good news is, you’re not in it alone!

Come along to a panel discussion where other People leaders will compare and contrast their approaches to building a high-performance culture. Learn from different perspectives and leave with the most relevant insights for your organization.

  • 🧱 Laying the Foundations for Your People to Perform at their Best
  • 🎫 Free + Virtual (On-Demand)

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What you’ll get from this HR webinar

💡 By the end, you’ll have a clear understanding of:

  • What high-performance is and what it can achieve
  • Approaches you can take in measuring your people’s performance
  • The ways you can enable your people to meet performance expectations
  • Different strategies you can use for fueling performance in your organization

This event is for you if…

✅ You’re a People leader looking to make a tangible contribution to the success of your organization

✅ You want to support your people in delivering against business objectives

✅ You want to give your people clarity on how they can grow and improve in their roles

✅ The business you work for has ambitious goals that need to be met

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