April 6, 2022

4 Practical Employee Retention Strategies

Employee Retention Webinar by BambooHR HRIS

Join Cassie Whitlock, HR Director at BambooHR for practical advice on combating the trends behind the Great Resignation.

Even if you haven’t seen research on The Great Resignation, you’ve likely experienced its effects. In a recent BambooHR survey of business leaders and HR pros, 81 percent said resignations have had a negative impact on their businesses over the past year. Whether you’re a large enterprise or a growing company, replacing employees—on any scale—is rarely preferable to retaining employees.

You'll learn:

  • Make employee satisfaction a priority
  • Get authentic employee feedback
  • Rethink your benefits strategy
  • Support employees’ mental health and wellness

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Four Strategies to Counter the Great Resignation from BambooHR

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