8 Microlearning Webinars: Secrets from World-Class Experts (MicrolearningCONF)


7taps, a microlearning platform for enterprises, hosts the event. Micro-courses and microlearning webinars are available below:

MicrolearningCONF by 7taps is an online conference that brings together world-class experts to share their knowledge and experience on microlearning. The conference covers various topics, including how to grab people's attention and enhance new hire onboarding with microlearning and scenario-based microlearning. The event is attended by professionals in the learning and development industry, such as Chief Learning Officers, Instructional Designers, and eLearning Specialists. The conference has received positive feedback from attendees and attracted over 5,000 people.

Microlearning hacks: how to grab people’s attention

  • Mike Taylor, Learning consultant at Nationwide
  • Christopher Lind, VP, Chief Learning Officer, ChenMed
  • Kate Udalova, Founder of 7taps Microlearning

The What, Why, and How of Microlearning

Addressing business needs with microlearning

Research-based microlearning: how it works

Evaluating Microlearning Assets and Programs

How microlearning can help convert information to behaviors

Microlearning and Gen Z

How to playtest the microlearning experience

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