Top 10 People Analytics Software in 2024 for SMEs

Top HR Analytics Software Solution Vendors

HR analytics software solutions may provide organizations with information to get a full picture of their workforce. This information can turn into actionable workforce insights in order to potentially improve diversity initiatives, employee retention, recruitment and training. We've curated a vetted list of the top HR Analytics Software solution providers in 2024 to help you find the right HR analytics software for your organization.

By analyzing employee data, HR analytics software can help businesses identify trends and patterns related to employee behavior. This information can be used to improve HR policies and practices, and to make better decisions about employee retention, recruitment and training. After all, HR data is the infrastructure of a top-notch employee experience.

Best people analytics solutions for small to mid-size organizations

For automated HR analytics and data visualization software solution, this list is highlights the top people analytics solutions from top to bottom. Explore the pricing (as-available), value, and organization headcount size.

  1. Orgnostic: free if you want to opt into their 'Descriptive' people analytics solution (the most straightforward version) with up to 3 months of data history. Their Starter pricing with more advanced features starts at $2/month/employee, so a 100-person company with Pro runs $160/mo with a yearly contract. They've also pioneered the latest in AI for HR tech, influenced by the latest developments in large language models such as ChatGPT, on top of Diagnostic Surveys.
  2. Employee Cycle: a near-real-time HR dashboard solution if you're looking for the quickest, most straightforward solution and have up to 500 employees. They offer a free 14-day trial, and it is free if you have up 49 employees in your organization. If you have 50-125 employees, they charge $432 per month and another $3 per employee per month (billed annually) if you have over 126 employees.
  3. eqtble: The top "People analytics as a Service" provider works with your organization to guide you and your team. They differentiate between all the following solutions in that they take a consultative, services-based approach, with an HR analytics dashboard solution as a deliverable after working with you. They start at just $800 per month due to the hands-on nature of this work, and offer 50% off for any startup with under 200 employees. The Foundational package provides you with access to Metrics, Stories, Dashboards, and Data Health and also features data management. Check them out to get started on your people analytics journey.
  4. ChartHop: initially started as an organizational chart software, ChartHop has expanded to provide a full suite of people analytics dashboard and visualization features. It is free for up to 150 employees and is either $8 or $12 per employee per month (billed annually).
  5. peopleHum: an HR Analytics Software that helps you to find out hidden workforce trends and make better decisions with data-driven HR analytics. Their pricing starts at a simple $2 per employee per month.
  6. Knoetic: As pricing is not transparent, the best way forward is to get in touch or request a demo. Their pricing may be flexible based on your organization's headcount. They also offer a social network of 1K+ HR leaders baked into the solution. However, it is unclear as to its tangible benefits and whether or not it is just akin to a Slack community (such as People Geeks by CultureAMP).

Mid-size organizations (and large enterprises) people analytics solutions

  1. eqtble: along with a cloud-based HR dashboard platform, they provide people analytics as a service, and also help you consolidate HR and talent data in one place, so you can easily craft stories that have a real impact on your business. While they start at $800 per month, the enterprise version goes up to $4,500 per month.
  2. Qualtrics HR Analytics: quite possibly the most advanced and robust people analytics solution because Qualtrics is also a data broker with billions of data points about consumers. This solution helps you best sense of your data and may also tie into their Employee Experience Management platform (akin to its sister product offering for customer experience management).
  3. PeopleInsight: pricing ranges from $24K-$40K/yr for under 500 employees, $28-$60K for companies with 50-2499 employees, $40K-$90K/yr for 2500-4999 employees, and $60K-120K/yr for over 5000 employees.
  4. Sisense HR Analytics: a people analytics software solution. As pricing is not transparent, it is estimated to be at least $20K/yr, so the best path forward is to get in touch for a demo.
  5. Visier: pay for the features you need. As pricing is not transparent, the best way forward is to get in touch or request a demo.

The teams behind the people analytics solutions below have all worked with many organizations to bring their HR departments and their business into the future.

Transform your workforce with an HR dashboard and automated insights solution

Effectively reshaping HR reporting processes allows businesses to thrive while management is equipped with greater insight into how employees reach new levels of satisfaction and productivity. It can save up to 1 day per week for HR Generalists/HR Directors and is similar to using an automated solution vs. manually creating Excel-powered HR dashboards.

Automated HR Dashboard solutions support several HR Platforms, including the most popular like Greenhouse, BambooHR, and Zenefits, among other Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS), HR Information Management / HR Management Systems (HRIS'/HRMS), payroll, benefits, employee experience, and engagement systems, and more.

For example, you can see ADP's solution by watching this People Analytics and DEI Workshop. Take 44 minutes to find out the best ways to collect DEI data, analyze it, and make it transparent by communicating insights gleaned from DEI data to support your DEI goals.

Often these HR solutions do include their HR dashboard built into the product. Still, it is not a focus area to provide advanced HR analytics for them using these HR systems, so if you want a more specialized HR analytics dashboard and HR reporting solutions, you should go with a purpose-built, automated HR dashboard solution such as the ones mentioned above.

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