Creative Outreach Tactics for Sourcing Talent

Creative talent sourcing

No question finding great talent is tricky. And while many companies rely on traditional tactics like job postings and recruiting agencies, there are several other, more creative ways to source top talent.

Consider an expert recruiter or recruiting agency.

An expert recruiter can help you identify and implement the best talent sourcing strategies for your organization. They'll know where to look for candidates - and how to reach them.

Some creative recruitment tactics include:

  • Social media - platforms like LinkedIn and Twitter offer excellent opportunities to connect with potential candidates. An experienced recruiter will know how to use these platforms to find the best talent.
  • Networking events - Attendance at local industry events can be a great way to meet potential candidates.
  • Niche job boards - explore remote-only job boards like RemoteOK, CO.CAREERS Good Jobs Search Engine, or Built In.

Consider these related webinars to advance your talent attraction and sourcing strategy.

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If you want to find out more about this from actual expert recruiters, do register to attend upcoming webinars here.

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