April 27, 2022

Tough Questions About Workplace Diversity

Workplace diversity DEI webinar

A discussion with Mita Mallick, Head of Inclusion, Equity, and Impact at Carta takes place on ⏰  April 28 at 3PM EST (Expired).

“What do I do when someone on my team says something racist?” “I want to hire a person of color, but my best candidate is a white guy.” “The diversity committee we established in 2020 has gone nowhere. What do we do now?” “Do I have to choose between diversity and a high-performing team?”

You’ve got questions about diversity in the workplace. Mita Mallick has answers.

Mita is the Head of Inclusion, Equity, and Impact at Carta – and she’s seen her share of challenging diversity issues in the workplace. Join her for a no-holds-barred conversation where she’ll tackle all your questions, including: 

  • How to build cultural competence into your team
  • Why companies say they’re interested in diversity but fail at execution
  • How to work in a non-diverse workplace as a person of color without losing your mind 
  • How to manage a diverse group with empathy and respect to create a culture of inclusivity

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