The first-ever Online Human Resources Webinars Directory Relaunches to Focus on Digital HR, HRM, Leadership, and free HR Analytics Training Resources

Initially launched as the first online webinar directory devoted exclusively to human resource topics in 2004, Human Resources Webinars gets relaunched with a focus on core remote-first HR topics. The new directory is brought to you by purpose-driven design and marketing services provider Key Medium, and its partners in the HR tech and HR management space.

Now more than ever, with remote-first and hybrid work practices and ubiquitous employee burnout, it is more important that HR professionals from all industries get the latest and greatest HR upskilling through credentialed webinars that come with verifiable industry-leading HR certifications.

We organize and share SHRM webcasts, as well as other industry-leading HR certifications, webinars, training, and online HR courses. Topics are focused on the following:

What You Don’t Know Can Hurt You

Staying in compliance is mandatory for all organizations. If you fail to do so, the repercussions could be detrimental to your organization. But do not worry, we are here to help with highly-informational and targeted HR webinars.

Check out our HR Webinar Calendar (coming soon) so you get the latest HR training and professional development you need.

Help Your Organization Run Smoothly – And Legally

Your Whole Organization Can Get Necessary HR Training

To stay on the cutting edge in this fast-moving world, you need to keep your whole HR team and staff trained so that they reach their performance summits. That is why we share links to industry-recognized HR webinars and training for yourself, as well as enterprise-wide.

Webinars on Human Resource Management, HR Analytics, Leadership, Digital HR and Many Other HR Topics

Each HR focus area we provide revolves around technology, and fact-based, or data-driven HR. Our training shared contains numerous seminars, webinars, online courses, and video options across a multitude of HR topics.

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