The First-Ever Online Human Resource Webinars Directory Relaunches

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Initially launched as the first online webinar directory devoted exclusively to human resource topics in 2004, Human Resource Webinars has been relaunched with a focus on core remote-first and remote-friendly HR topics in early 2022.

The new HR training and HR webinars directory is brought to you by Good Jobs Search engine platform CO.CAREERS, as well as purpose-driven design and marketing services provider Key Medium, with expertise supporting organizations in the workforce development, career education/exploration, HR technology, a corporate Employee Resource Group at a Fortune 40, and HR management services industries.

Remote flexibility is a pertinent benefit to HR and a better employee experience alike.

Now more than ever, with remote-first/remote-friendly work practices, and ubiquitous employee burnout, it is more important that HR professionals from all industries can freely access the latest and greatest HR upskilling opportunities.

Gain access to vetted, free upcoming HR webinars, on-demand training/webinars, and free online HR courses.

Discover the latest HR best practices and how-to guides on improving employee experience, management, leadership, people analytics, and more in the HR articles and guides section.

Gain credits towards your HR certification.

We also share information about SHRM, HRCI, and other industry-leading HR certifications, information on self-reporting credits towards certification, as well as free upcoming HR webinars, on-demand training/webinars, and free online HR courses.

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Vetted upcoming HR webinars, as well as on-demand training/webinars, online training courses, and articles and guides from HR and management experts. HumanResourceWebinars topics are focused on the following: