executive development

November 23, 2022
How to get Executive Budget and Buy-In of Your HR Initiatives

Learn how to get executive budget and buy-in for your 2023 HR initiatives. This free HR webinar is joined by experts who discuss how to plan for success when approaching executive leaders for buy-in, design and present the business case by connecting your initiatives to company strategy, and reassure executives in their investment by creating a plan to measure your initiative's success. You may also qualify to receive SHRM and HRCI approved recertification credits.

June 5, 2022
The First-Ever Online Human Resource Webinars Directory Relaunches

Initially launched as the first online webinar directory devoted exclusively to human resource topics in 2004, Human Resources Webinars gets relaunched to equip a remote-first HR team with latest and greatest HR upskilling through credentialed webinars that come with verifiable industry HR certifications.