HR Analytics

People analytics, often called HR analytics or workforce analytics, has been a growing focus in business. The usefulness of data in HR is more significant than ever. From a systems perspective, a better understanding of setting up an HR department is necessary. There are several ways to use data in an HR department, such as creating an HR dashboard to automate HR reporting, or the top HR metrics every organization needs to understand.

Data can be used to make decisions concerning processes. Data can also be used to help employers make better talent management decisions. And finally, data can be used to make predictions. Discover the latest people analytics training, online HR analytics certification courses, and educational articles for leaders looking to drive data-backed people decisions. Whether you're just getting your people analytics off the ground or tying into an established HR analytics department, you can use these people analytics solutions to potentially help everyone across your organization have a better, more inclusive, and equitable workplace.

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