Employee Experience

Employee experience is the journey an employee takes while working for the company, from their first day to their last. It's made up of every touchpoint an employee has with the company, from the way they're onboarded, to the way they're managed, to the way they're incentivized.

Why does employee experience matter?  An organization's employee experience can make or break its ability to attract and retain top talent.

Due to the importance of employee experience, now more than ever in a remote-first and remote-friendly workplace, we've dedicated a category to employee experience, and will regularly add topics ranging from Voice of Employee (VoE) programs, employee engagement, employee retention, employee satisfaction, diversity, equity, inclusion & belonging (DE&IB), and how to build, create, design, measure, and increase employee experience.

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November 17, 2020
Delighting New Hires In A Remote Onboarding World

Remote onboarding presents a ton of challenges, and it’s expensive to find new people, so keep the great employees you already hired! Discover 25 ideas to improve your remote onboarding process, get to the "wow" moments, and make your onboarding process repeatable process.