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As available, no-cost on-demand HR webinars are listed below with topics like recruiting, retention, employer branding, employee experience, DE&I, people analytics, & more.

  • From Boomer to Zoomer: How Different Generations Interact With Workplace Tech

    Discover the advantages of HRAs, group health plans, and PEOs. Register today to optimize your employee benefits and drive business success.

  • HR Strategies for Setting Healthy Boundaries

    Discover key HR strategies for setting healthy boundaries in the workplace with insights from Chelsey Morrison and Vaneeta Sandhu. Learn to create a culture of well-being and mental health resilience in your organization.

  • Beyond the HR Basics: Elevating Managers and Teams

    Explore the art of HR leadership in our upcoming webinar, featuring practical strategies for successful collaboration between HR and managers, empowering new leaders, and fostering high-performing teams.

  • Driving Employee Learning Potential with AI

    Discover how AI is transforming employee learning. Expert panelists discuss practical AI applications, overcoming challenges, and the future of work.

  • Managers Unleashed: The Power of Personal Connection and 1:1s in the Workplace

    HR departments often find themselves struggling to prioritize and manage their time effectively to meet the needs of both employees and the company. However, they are tasked with the critical business function of driving company-wide engagement, with 70% of the employee experience dependent on the relationship between the employee and their manager. To help already maxed out HR or People Ops teams, this webinar will focus on tapping into the power of managers. Attendees will learn why driving engagement is so hard, how 1:1s drive engagement, the anatomy of a proper 1:1, and how to know if 1:1s are working. Join us to unleash the power of personal connection and 1:1s in the workplace!

  • Culture First Series: Building Culture-First Foundations (14 Webinars)

    Discover community at the intersection of culture, science, and innovation. Watch what interests you in this HR webinar series and explore ideas, dive into the data, and create meaningful connections. Gain the clarity and skills you need to develop your people practices, transform workplace culture, and navigate change.

  • Learning from Airbnb: Driving workplace innovation to embrace flexibility

    In this on-demand HR webinar, Q Hamirani, Global Head of Live & Work Anywhere at Airbnb, will share his expertise on how companies can structure flexibility in the workplace to drive employee satisfaction, connect their employees, and keep them engaged. Join us to discover the key drivers behind Airbnb's successful Live & Work Anywhere program and learn how you can implement similar strategies in your own organization. He is recognized by SHRM to offer Professional Development Credits (PDC) for SHRM-CP© or SHRM-SCP© recertification activities.

  • 8 Microlearning Webinars: Secrets from World-Class Experts (MicrolearningCONF)

    MicrolearningCONF by 7taps features a series of recorded webinars following their online conference for professionals in the learning and development industry. Featuring talks by world-class experts, the conference covers a variety of topics related to microlearning, including how to enhance onboarding processes, grab people's attention, and incorporate scenario-based learning. With positive feedback from previous attendees, the webinars are engaging, informative, and inspiring.

  • Connecting Finance and HR (People Analytics Webinar)

    Finance and HR are often siloed in their work, which gets in the way of unlocking strategic potential these two functions together can have. If you are open to bringing down the walls of disconnection, attend this free People Analytics Session. Watch this free webinar on-demand to connect HR and Finance with Former VP of HR for Meta and Salesforce.

  • Employee Engagement Survey [Workshop]

    Conducting an Employee Engagement Survey can seem daunting, but it's one of the most effective ways to uncover what's causing disengagement in your team. This workshop will guide you through the process, teaching you how to ask the right questions, drive participation, analyze the data, and find creative solutions to improve your employee experience. Regardless of your team size, budget or bandwidth, you can successfully conduct an Employee Engagement Survey and gain valuable insights that will help you create a happier and more productive workplace.

  • Mentor and Mentees Myths, Truths, and What To Do [Panel]

    In this recorded mentoring panel, experienced mentors share their personal experiences and insights on the myths and truths of mentorship, the importance of trust and respect, and how to build an effective mentorship program. Discover how mentorship can benefit both the mentor and mentee.

  • How to get Executive Budget and Buy-In of Your HR Initiatives

    Learn how to get executive budget and buy-in for your 2023 HR initiatives. This free HR webinar is joined by experts who discuss how to plan for success when approaching executive leaders for buy-in, design and present the business case by connecting your initiatives to company strategy, and reassure executives in their investment by creating a plan to measure your initiative's success. You may also qualify to receive SHRM and HRCI approved recertification credits.

  • Good Jobs Matter: A New Paradigm for Measuring Job Quality

    It's time for a new paradigm in the way we measure job quality in the US. Good jobs that pay well are important for families and our society. The Job Quality Measurement Initiative is a first-of-its-kind effort

  • Improve Employee Engagement, Growth, & Retention [Panel]

    Join an HR panel discussion on using technology to improve employee engagement, growth, and retention. We'll be joined by experts from some of the leading companies in the space, who will share their insights on what works, what doesn't, and how you can get started.

  • How recruiting technology is changing the way we hire

    Technology is changing how we hire people. It can help speed up the process and help find the best talent. But many companies don't know how to use it or how to pick the right tools. Learn how to choose your recruiting technology in this HR tech webinar.

  • Is Your Employer Branding Attracting the Best Remote Talent?

    How do you make a brand that today's best talent will want to work for? Find out how working remotely affects employer branding.

  • Inclusive Communications Toolkit for People Leaders

    HR Toolkit provides guidance on how to ensure that disAbled customers and colleagues are included in communications. The Inclusive Communications Toolkit includes practical resources which offer tips and advice on making information accessible for all.

  • Top 25 HR Webinars for Remote-First People Leaders

    As the pandemic continues to shape the way we work, many organizations are looking for guidance on how to best manage their remote workforce. If you're one of these leaders, we've compiled a list of the top free HR webinars.

  • Performance in Focus: Laying the Foundations for Your People to Perform at their Best

    You can’t have a high-performing team without high-performing individuals. To get the most out of your team, you need to invest in their development and growth. Here are four tips on how to upskill your team so they can deliver results and drive impact.

  • Agile Amplified for Hybrid Teams

    Join Miro and Atlassian product leaders as they talk through how to solve specific collaboration challenges with Agile practices.

  • Addressing Quiet Quitting, Out Loud

    Quiet quitting is becoming more popular after going viral on social media, but this is not a new phenomenon. Join people science experts to explore the psychology of “quiet quitting,” and share exclusive insights on the transformation happening in the workplace.

  • How to Retain your Best Talent in Times of Uncertainty

    The Great Resignation is over and now people are looking for security in their jobs. If businesses need to cut costs, they may lose the best employees. But there are ways to retain top performers during times of uncertainty.

  • How to Extract the Most out of Candidate Experience Data Beyond NPS

    This webinar discusses getting the most out of candidate experience data. Learn how to deliver candidates the best possible experiences and turn candidate data into impactful insights.

  • Reshaping the workplace and the world

    Tune in to a conversation with DE&I experts reshaping the modern workplace in this free DEI webinar by workhuman.

  • 4 Ways to Get Employees to Engage & Participate in Your HR Programs in 2022

    Join a 20min webinar to rethink your employee engagement strategy in a hybrid and remote work age. The panelists will discuss how to design engaging programs that reach and resonate with your employees, no matter where they're working.

  • Transforming How We Work

    The workplace is evolving. And, as it does, the very way we work is being transformed. The days of the traditional 9-5 workday are long gone. As we adapt to this new reality, we have a unique opportunity to create more human workplaces that embrace hybrid working models.

  • Behavioral Interview Strategies for Returning Workers

    Behavioral interviews are a great way to stand out from the competition and demonstrate your skills and experience. Here are some tips for preparing for a behavioral interview, telling your compelling story, and using this type of interview to your advantage.

  • Understanding the ROI of investing in people

    People are a company's most important asset. It's hard to quantify that or understand the ROI of it, but it's essential for long-term success. This webinar will help you understand the Employee Lifetime Value while demonstrating the ROI of being great at People practices.

  • Advice from Twitter’s talent team on diversity recruiting

    Looking to build a more diverse company? Twitter's talent team has some advice on how to recruit diverse talent. There are concrete steps you can take to make a difference.

  • How Thriving Organizations Build a Culture of Mobility

    Enabling employees to grow within your organization builds engagement and loyalty. A mobility mindset encourages your best talent to stay, while helping you build a powerful employer brand that will attract job seekers looking for this sort of dynamic environment.

  • People Analytics and DEI: How to Answer your Key Business Questions (Workshop)

    Watch this people analytics webinar and DEI data workshop for insightful and actionable people analytics are critical as organizations continue to advance diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I) internally and externally.

  • Remote Recruiting: 7 Ways to Rethink your Strategy

    Remote recruiting is NOT the same as in-person, and there's a few things you can do for a more efficient process and better candidate / employee experience!

  • Mindset Reset Bootcamp

    Discover the results of a study that's shown that 98% of HR professionals have felt burned out at work in the past six months.

  • Be a Great Place to Work: Strategies to Strengthen Employee Retention

    Want to strengthen your employee retention? Register for a free HR webinar that takes place on May 12, 2022 to learn from the UK’s leading HR and Talent experts and discover their best kept secrets to retaining their most valuable employees.

  • How to be a smart purchaser of HR tech software & people solutions

    How to buy human resource technology the right way. A short webinar to help you with your HR tech strategy and procurement.

  • Turn the Great Disconnect into the Great Reconnect

    Reduce costly communication breakdowns across your organization. Discover how you can navigate the demands of hybrid communication by creating more efficiency, clarity, and empathy across teams.

  • HR Growth Paths: How to Develop as a Professional in HR

    The next steps a human resources professional may take to advance their career may be difficult. Watch this free HR webinar to better support employees achieve professional goals.

  • Inclusive Onboarding: Cultivating a Sense of Belonging

    Discover what it means for a successful DE&I strategy with regards to cultivating a sense of belonging during the onboarding process in this free on-demand HR webinar.

  • How to get started with a data-driven recruiting function

    In a time of extreme competition in the labor market and quick changes in the recruitment industry, gain insights on how data utilization in the recruitment process can bring a winning edge to your recruitment practices.

  • Career Education: Disrupting the K-16 Model for Equitable Access to Future Jobs

    Current education systems need to be rethought as times have been changing in order to provide students entering the workforce an education that achieves career success and equal access to future jobs.

  • 4 Practical Employee Retention Strategies

    Unpack best practices from the Director of HR at BambooHR for practical advice on combating the trends behind the Great Resignation.

  • How to Build and Leverage Your Employer Brand

    No matter what business you're in, you need to be thinking about your employer brand. Find out more by watching this free, on-demand HR webinar today.

  • Trends Shaping Employee Experience in 2021

    Uncover trends shaping Employee Experience by experience management experts from Qualtrics to help you shape your employee experience strategy for 2022 and beyond.

  • Delighting New Hires In A Remote Onboarding World

    Remote onboarding presents a ton of challenges, and it’s expensive to find new people, so keep the great employees you already hired! Discover 25 ideas to improve your remote onboarding process, get to the "wow" moments, and make your onboarding process repeatable process.

  • For even more, see the plethora of HR webinars on LinkedIn + BrightTalk. If you want paid HR webinars, explore SHRM webcasts here; learn more about HR certifications. You can also access resources for Navigating Roe v. Wade in the workplace from SHRM here.

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    Free Digital HR Courses

    Discover free online HR courses with online learning for HR fundamentals, people analytics,  management, and more. Courses cover human resource knowledge, and some HR courses come with a certificate of completion, depending on the professional HR education provider. You can self-report for HR certification credits as well.

  • Top 16 No-Cost HR Courses in 2024 to Advance Your Career

    Elevate your HR career with our curated list of the top 15 free HR courses in 2024. Gain insights into the latest HR trends, technologies, and best practices to stay ahead in your field. HRfrom top sources like Oxford, Coursera, and LinkedIn.

  • Budget-Friendly Training Tactics That Drive Employee Success

    Unlock the secrets to implementing effective, budget-conscious employee training programs that boost skills, engagement, and retention in your organization.

  • Free People Analytics Masterclass Course

    Take one work day to advance your People Analytics - entirely free from current and former CHROs and people ops execs from companies like Uber, instacast, WesternUnion, and American Express.

  • Employee Experience Transformation Best Practices [Micro-Course]

    Explore what Employee Experience Transformation initiatives entail in this free micro-course by Ali at Human Resource Webinars.

  • Microlearning Framework for Professional Development [6-Minute Course]

    As an L&D or HR professional, you know the importance of providing ongoing professional development for your team. But let's face it, long, drawn-out training sessions can be a drag, leaving employees feeling disengaged and overwhelmed. That's where microlearning comes in! In this course, you will learn how to design and implement microlearning courses that are short, focused, and engaging, and that fit within a larger training and development strategy. You'll also learn best practices for using microlearning to reinforce existing training, deliver just-in-time learning, and more. So, why wait? Get in on the microlearning revolution and sign up for this free 5-minute course today!

  • Human-Centered Work Culture [Micro-Course]

    Discover the benefits of a people-first culture and learn how to create a human-centered work environment that prioritizes the well-being and needs of employees. Our course for HR professionals covers the importance of meaningful work, the adoption of human-centered methods and technologies, and the creation of cultures that support personal growth and a holistic approach. Embrace a people-first culture and drive success in your organization.

  • Build Better Relationships by Leveraging Charisma in the Workplace

    Being charismatic in life and work can pay dividends in both our personal and professional relationships. Though it might seem like some people are just naturally charismatic, the good news is that charisma is something that can be learned.

  • Managing Social and Human Capital

    Based on their popular course at The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, this course to introduce you to the critical elements of managing people.

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