March 31, 2022

Top Free Human Resource Webinars in March 2022

There are no upcoming webinars in March 2022. Please see the May 2022 upcoming webinars here, or see the on-demand HR webinar available below.

Free, On-Demand Webinars from March 2022

  • Spotting Potential: How to Make Brilliant Junior Hires – Want to strengthen your hiring strategy? Learn how Tempo and EngageTech cut through the skills gap barriers and became growth experts!
    • 🤓 WHO: Top HR professionals including CEO, Ben Chatfield and Director of People, Alex Williams
    • 🚀 WHAT: Webinar - How to recognize potential in junior candidates
    • 📽 IT'S RECORDED: If you can't make it, sign up anyway and we'll send you the recording after!
    • You'll learn: The benefits of hiring for potential and not experienceKey qualities and traits to recognize in junior candidates
    • Common junior hiring pitfalls to look out for & how to overcome them
    • Get top tips to help retain quality junior hires for a successful future (watch the free on-demand webinar here)

Passed HR webinars in March 2022

  1. Building thriving workplaces, featuring Scott Galloway and Adam Grant – March 23, 3-4 pm EST (Expired)
  2. Future of Work event 'vivowire 22': Uniting the brightest minds in Comms and HR to plan tomorrow’s workplace - March 9, 2022 10 AM EST (Expired)
  3. Bloomberg Work Shifting 2.0: Redefining Normal - March 9, 2022 (Expired)
  4. The Whys of Employee Burnout: Understand So You Can Help (Expired) - Mar 3 @ 2:00 PM EST
  5. Turning the Great Resignation into your Great Opportunity: Employee Experience & Communications in a fireside chat with Victoria Dew and Amy Spurling - Mar 1 @ 1PM EST (Expired)
  6. March Last Mondays: We are experiencing significantly more fear the last 2 years. War, injustice, racism, COVID, work, environmental changes and more. This poem felt like a wise elder telling me to start with facing the fear within first. Join this month as we explore FEAR through social journaling. Social journaling is a process of personal reflection, intimate exploration and discovering community wisdom in a group. We host these community events the last Monday of every month. The goal is to connect deeper with ourselves and others in order to be more human, be more aware and be part of a community that we can support one another on this journey. Monday, March 28th at 11am or 7pm PT
  7. DE&I Data Workshop: Identifying Metrics That Matter with VC-backed HR tech startup Employee Cycle's CEO Bruce Marable, Chief of Staff Daphne McLarty, and People Analytics Consultant Miranda McKie - Mar 3 @ 12PM EST.

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